The minimal amount spent on a home inspection, can save endless stress later on. Don’t fall into the ‘Penny Wise, Pound Foolish’ trap when you buy a home.

Why is it that more time is spent on test driving a new car, yet not enough time is spent going over a potential new home with a fine tooth-comb, before buying it? A home is often the most expensive investment that will ever be made and yet little effort is made to understand what is being bought, until it is sometimes too late.

Carpet Hiding Mold

         Carpet Hiding Mold

Did you notice paint blistering or flaking off the walls? A damp patch appearing under a window sill? Dripping water taps? Did you go through the trap door to have a look at the rafters holding up the roof?

Countrywide, houses are being sold every day with various undetected defects. Often new homeowners completely despair when faced with seemingly insurmountable problems and high cost of repairs, after purchasing their supposed dream home.

Unfortunately there are unscrupulous people who, when selling their property will touch up, cover up and not disclose defects (some really serious) to the vulnerable and often unsuspecting buyer.

There are also some instances when sellers are actually not aware of the problems they have with their homes – situations that call for Inspect-A-Home’s valuable and impartial service.

A professional home inspection covers every aspect of the property from roof to boundary walls. Externally the roof, flashings, gutters, roof cavity, geyser installation compliances, eaves, super structure, windows, doors, balconies and patios are inspected. Internally the floor coverings, skirtings, windows, doors, walls, cupboard fittings, cornices and ceilings get checked, along with the bathroom showers, basin, toilet and tiling.

Additional Inspection Services that are offered are Building Disputes Mediation, Quality Control Progress (when building); Newly Built Inspections (snag list); Maintenance Inspections; Rental Inspections and inspections for specific problem areas e.g. leaking roof and/or gutters, damp, cracks, etc