Building Progress Inspection

Are you thinking of starting a building or renovation project? But are unsure on where to start or what you should do first? Not sure who you should ask for advice without being concerned about being ripped off? and just worried that you might end up making some bad decisions.

And this largely boils down to not having enough knowledge and understanding of the subject and also it’s almost inevitable that when news of your intentions spreads through your family and friends you will hear at least one horror story about somebody’s project, that was of course the exact same thing that you want to do, and everything went horribly wrong, either the builder ran off with all the money, the project took 5 years to finish or the house fell down! So it’s completely understandable to be nervous and uncertain when making these decisions.

These, along with many others are common concerns for most who are considering undertaking a building or renovation project at their property. So here are a few pointers which will hopefully help you get off to a positive start. Firstly it’s probably a good idea if you start right at the beginning and focus on your primary objective.

So what started you thinking about building and renovation projects in the first place? Maybe it’s because:

  • You have the need or desire to expand your living space
  • You want to change the layout of your property
  • Or you might need some sort of outbuilding
  • You would like to live in a more eco-friendly environment

With your objective clear in your mind you then need to ask yourself a few questions

  • How will your building or renovation project affect the value of your property?
  • How important is your property’s valuation to you?
  • How important is your building or renovation project?
  • What will your project be worth to you in the end?
  • Will you be wasting money or making money?
  • Will your chosen project increase or decrease your chances of selling your property?

The significance of these questions in relation to your project, will of course very much depend on what your intentions are following the completion of your project. For instance, If you have absolutely no intention of moving and intend on staying put for the foreseeable future, then these questions probably won’t be hugely important to you as you will be undertaking your project purely for your own benefit and enjoyment, creating a living space that has been designed entirely around your own needs and desires. Leaving little regard for whether anybody else would like it enough to buy it and live in it.

Or on the other hand if you do intend on selling up, or you think that there may be a possibility that you will move home in the near future. Then yes, these are factors that you will probably want to take into consideration. As, when the time comes, you will probably want to make money on the sale of your house rather than lose it.

To help with the completion of your project, Inspect-A-Home offers building inspections at various stages of the building process, from foundation trenches to hand over. This is a vital tool in ensuring that quality standards are maintained and that potentially expensive faults are rectified in time. This translates into huge savings for the homeowner and the building contractor / developer.

Our involvement is well received by reputable builders who welcome our suggestions and constructive criticism. Ultimately, they want the same thing – a good quality final product and a happy customer.

Inspections can be done at any stage of the construction, but the suggested stages are …

  • Trench / foundation preparation ready for concrete pour
  • Surface bed preparation ready for concrete pour
  • Ground floor brickwork complete
  • First floor concrete slab preparation (multiple storey dwellings)
  • First floor ready for concrete pour (multiple storey dwellings)
  • First floor brickwork complete (multiple storey dwellings)
  • Roof preparation and truss complete prior to roof tiles/covering
  • First fix electrical and plumbing complete
  • Building structurally complete ready for finishes
  • Preparation of final completion list
  • Snag list