1. Some estate agents avoid pre-sale home inspections, believing that they may jeopardise the sale. In most cases, this is simply not the case. Either nothing serious is found or the buyer importantly purchases a property with full knowledge of its condition. Rather than scaring buyers away, this makes for a fairer sale with far fewer comebacks! Fair and objective, Inspect-A-Home’s pre-sale inspection will help rather than hinder your sale, ensuring the satisfaction of all involved parties.
  2. Ever had a client who discovered a previously unknown serious problem with a property they were about to purchase? This situation can lead to bitter resentment by the buyer and ultimately the loss of a sale. To prevent this conflict, ensure that your client understands upfront the full condition of the property they are purchasing. A pre-sale home inspection is not an obstacle to a sale. Rather, it can be a useful tool to ensure a smooth sale, with no hidden surprises afterwards!
  3. Has your buyer asked for a property inspection? Inspect-A-Home provides both seller and buyer with a comprehensive structural report, recommended repair solutions, and total peace of mind. To ensure a happy buyer and encourage repeat business in the future, make sure that you use an accredited property inspection service.
  4. Does your seller know the true condition of his property? Inspect-A-Home provides an accredited building inspection service that offers a comprehensive structural report, including recommended repairs and costs if necessary. This service will ensure that the seller knows the true condition of his property and that, as the agent, you are able to market it honestly!
  5. A done deal? Quite often, property sales do not go through because of structural concerns or serious damp issues. Designed to prevent costly oversights, our accredited inspection service can assist both sellers and buyers to assess structural concerns and establish a fair estimate of potential repairs. In nearly all cases, the sale will still go through but with informed buyers who know what they are buying and sellers who know there will be no comebacks. To maintain total peace-of-mind and credibility, an Inspect-a-Home inspection should be an estate agent’s main step when sealing the deal.
  6. As an estate agent, your skill lies in finding the right home to fit your client. And, while the property you find might look great on the outside, do you know its structural condition? The structural integrity of a property can only be truly established by an accredited building inspection company. Rather than risking unhappy purchasers or the loss of your sale, use a reliable property inspection service to establish the property’s true worth so that your clients can make an informed decision. In the long run, Inspect-A-Home can help you to secure a trusted reputation with happy clients, and almost guaranteed repeat business!
  7. Many of today’s home buyers are well-informed of the need to have a property inspection carried out before signing off on a sale. In order to provide the best service to your clients, make sure that you are able to recommend an accredited property inspector. Inspect-a-Home will provide you with a comprehensive report on the interior and exterior of a property and offer repair solutions. Using an inspection service that you can trust will help maintain your credibility as an agent and your client’s peace-of-mind. Importantly your client will TRUST YOU!!
  8. Location, location … Value? Today’s buyer is as interested in the cost of a property as its location. To help both buyers and sellers make an informed decision about the true condition of a property, Estate Agents are encouraged to make use of an accredited property inspector. With Inspect-a-Home, you will be able to explain to your buyer and your seller the true value of a property and pre-empt comebacks in the future. Making a proper inspection a part of your sales process will go a long way to ensuring a smooth and successful sale!
  9. Trust and credibility are essential to establishing your reputation as a professional estate agent. One way to do this is to ensure that both your buyers and sellers know the true condition of a property. Estate agents need to control the process of home inspection by recommending an accredited and reliable property inspection service. Inspect-a-Home can offer your clients a comprehensive and fair assessment of their property, designed to establish its true worth with no hidden defects. This can go long way to ensuring a successful sale and happy clients!
  10. As an estate agent, you will want to ensure a hassle-free property sale with happy clients and no comebacks. One way to guard against problematic sales is to ensure a proper inspection of the property is carried out by an accredited inspection provider. Inspect-a-Home is the leader in this industry and offers your clients a comprehensive report on the condition of the property and makes recommendations for repairs. Our aim is definitely not to prevent a sale but to ensure that all those involved are well-informed and totally satisfied. Protect yourself and your clients from unnecessary stresses and delays by using Inspect-a-Home today!