Inspect A Home in the Media

Webinar Discussion : Do I get a “Road Worthy” certificate when I buy a property?

Eric Bell (Director of Inspect-a-Home) discusses with Chris Fick in well attended Quicket webinar held in May 2020, the benefits of doing a home inspection, the trip ups of concluding the sale of the property without an inspection; defects; voetstoots clauses; compliance certificates and much more.  

Length : 1 hour

Interview with Eric : Snag & de-snag inspections on newly built homes

Eric Bell (Director of Inspect-a-Home) explains to Cornelius Koopman of DSTV’s Home Channel’s “All about Property” all about snag listing inspections for newly built homes or properties bought directly from a developer. They discuss what a snag and de-snag list is, what an expert inspector will look for, and when a snag list is required. 


Interview with Eric : The Property Practitioners Bill explained

Eric Bell (Director of Inspect-a-Home) discusses with Cornelius Koopman of DSTV’s Home Channel’s “All about Property” what the Property Practitioners Bill will mean to Estate Agents and to property buyers. He points out the benefits that this Bill will have for Estate Agents, and why it is imperative to have an inspection done by professional home inspectors like Inspect-a-Home.


Interview with Eric : The Benefits of a Home Inspection

Eric Bell (Director of Inspect-a-Home) takes Cornelius Koopman of DSTV’s Home Channel’s “All about Property” around a home that was recently purchased without an initial home inspection.

He points out issues that are not normally seen by buyers, but would be picked up by professional home inspectors. He explains the difference between latent and patent defects, and the voetstoets clause, and explains how a home inspection is very beneficial to a home buyer during the purchase process.


Quick Overview: A home inspection is critical

A home inspection is essential if you are building, selling, buying or investing in property.

Every day houses are being sold and bought with various hidden defects. If you are not a building expert, you won’t know what to look out for and will most likely only focus on the features and obvious aspects needing repair. 

This video explains the benefits of a home inspection to a seller, buyer and estate agent.

Find out how you can benefit from a property inspection

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