No other company can compete with us

The tricks of the trade, the shortcuts taken and the wide range of patents and latent defects have all been seen by us over the many many years of conducting property inspections.

We have EXTENSIVE property inspection experience and expertise in …

Residential Homes

Holiday Homes

Residential Complexes

Educational Buildings

Commercial Buildings

Industrial Buildings

Shopping Centres

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WHY we are still the leader …

90% of our clients are either referrals or repeat clients. Having been in the business of property inspections for so long, our name is synonymous with quality, professional inspections and reports. As testimony to our reputation, Carte Blanche and All about Property have drawn on our expertise numerous times for their tv programmes.

Over the many years of operating, we have organically grown into a National company with multiple franchises across South Africa. We have been operating as a franchise for 2 decades giving us the opportunity to serve all of South Africa for many years.

Likewise, over the many years of operating, we have grown a national support infrastructure of specialist engineers, architects, entomologists, geologists, quantity surveyors and other specialist professionals that we can draw on to support us in their specific areas of expertise, if the need arises.

Unlike the newer established inspection companies, we do NOT use checklists or software generated reports. Our reports are all custom written by each inspector, with narrative descriptions of what was seen, supporting photographs that explain the problems/defects, and quality descriptions of effective solutions as to how they can be rectified. The comprehensiveness and detail in these reports is critically important for any decision making process.

Inspect A Home is strictly NOT affiliated with any estate agent or building contractor and is, therefore, completely unbiased in our report and recommendations to clients. Our reports can stand up in court, as can our inspectors with uncompromised reputation as property inspection experts.

We are members of InterNachi (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors), the world’s leading association for home inspectors. InterNachi maintain a high level of standard that inspection company members need to adhere to. We also have memberships with the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and National Association of Home Inspections Inc (NAHI). 

Eric Bell as Director of InterNachi (South Africa), is instrumental in ensuring the international standards from InterNachi are applied effectively to South African building standards and regulations.

Eric Bell has extensive building knowledge and expertise, having owned and successfully operated his own construction company for many years, before he saw the need for inspection services to assist buyers, sellers and the building industry. 

Eric Bell’s 50+ years in the building industry is priceless in its value to the training of Inspect-A-Home inspectors, increasing the quality of the reports the inspectors compile, the effectiveness of solutions recommended, the handling of building disputes, and any necessary court requirements.

Our inspectors all have many years of building industry experience prior to becoming an Inspect-A-Home inspector, adding expertise and additional value to their inspection services from the outset.

The theoretical and practical training our inspectors receive from Eric Bell is unparalleled in South Africa. He ensures he communicates and extensively trains each and every inspector personally, sharing his knowledge gained from his many years of building construction and property inspections.

No other company can compete with Inspect-a-Home’s expertise,  depth and quality of service. WE ARE THE EXPERTS

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